Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hallucinating in the Bird Gallery

Parrot said to
Sy, don't lie
to yourself
life is too short
just ask the dodo
it's time for you to go-go
Sy, it's time for you
to leave this place
just know
that you can't erase
forever; forever.
Sy said,
Parrot, what should I do?
there was a time
I thought I knew
that time has gone
I was wrong
and now I don't belong
Albatross butt in then
and said Sy,
your one precious life
is passing you by
and you're wasting it
by dwelling on each new hit
instead try to make the best
of each and every test
that comes your way
Sy said, Albatross
I'm trying
but it's hard and I ain't
got no friends in these ends
or any other ends
I cut myself off
I sent them all packing
but it's only 'cos I'm lacking
and a certain degree
 of sanity...
Sparrow said lo
and behold, 
you're doing it again
moping when
you should be holding fast
Share your problems with God
not me you sod, I don't care. 
Sy said, Sparrow
look at me I'm covered in arrows
I'm bleeding and you're feeding
into this stupid empty story 
ain't no pain in glory
it's just plain gory- life!
quietly chirped-
the louder you howl 
Sy the less you'll be heard
better to keep it inside
better to keep your words silent
for violence breeds violence.
Swift then said 
lift up your head
dear, fake it till you make it
or better yet break it
and rise again like 
the noble phoenix 
Sy said, thank you dead birds
for your thoughtful words, 
I'll take them on board
for I can't afford
to ignore you all now!
I'm going to find my way