Tuesday, 12 March 2013

city wanderer/ wonderer

I wandered today
around this city 
past the bright lights
of piccadilly- 
I know it's silly 
to wander all the time 
to turn each wondering 
into a rhyme, but I'm bored
so bored, so eventually,
I did board
another bus 
and on it I killed time 
by stringing together
the city's lines, 
text from billboards,
graffiti on walls
post-box warnings,  
signs adorning-
red bus, it went on
and on and on and on
past the home office,
parliament square
and trafalgar where
the fountains still spurt out
water and the lion watches on
as the sad busker sings his sad song
and the people, they congregate
to watch the horses parade
hmm London from a bus 
slow but to be fair
I could just stare
out of the window, forever
for London bus journey's are never
stories exist all around
and the faces, I examine them 
from there, from my vehicle chair
from the back seat of a double decker bus
from above, I look, from above
this city exists for the-
wanderer/ wonderer...