Sunday, 3 March 2013

hallucinating at the museum

-there I was
half-knocked out in paleo
wishing the blue whalio
would swallow me up- 
hmm but maybe instead
I should have travelled
a million light years upwards
to the red zone 
there I could have sat alone 
in a Japanese supermarket 
during an everlasting earthquake
I would have let the ground 
shake, shake, shake
in order to break, break, break
or rather to wake, wake, wake 
or should I have just plucked up 
the courage to ask dippy 
what the deal is 
cos' man I'm smacked
I'm a zombie in a crowd
I be anti-living, I be un-existing
but still I be resisting
complete annihilation
heck, sometimes I think
I need to duck out of here and
find somewhere 
where the masses aren't 
maybe I could hide out 
in Hyde park down the road
lie on the grass, under the clouds 
wait for the loud 
noises to dissipate 
ahh these long museum days
transport me to an unearthly place-
though sometimes I find myself
remembering a flock of birds
over the main lake
at sunset....