Sunday, 14 April 2013

where's wally in westfield

so some how, 
on boxing day
I found myself 
in the most unlikely place
(well unlikely, 
for a vagrant like me)
a vagrant who'd rather be 
in the wild
the wilderness of
in Stratford
it was something else
-completely absurd-
(to be there)
man, I swear
I'd never seen so many
folk in my life
my oh my!
as we traipsed
we planned for an escaped
and so we escaped
to a quiet place, to the top floor
and like a pair of wally's
we played where's Wally
as we looked down
at the crowds
at the swarms of people
they looked so small
to be part of the surreal-
to be part of the unreal
I didn't at all feel
like we were 
the same species
were we?