Friday, 26 April 2013

make belief/ what a relief...

donar entry guy
what keeps you amused
is what keeps me bemused
a boring job, you say
day after day
training, on entering 
numbers into machines
yawn, but you choose to use 
interesting examples
yeah, through inserting 
provocative titles
into your database
like: miss(?)
yes what a miss,
that nearly was and asking
for a phone-number, top-notch
...innocent, maybe, maybe yes
maybe I'm just bored
of all, but your example
your request, for an address
haha donar entry guy
what kept you bemused
kept me amused
you made a grey day 
almost tolerable,
donar entry guy
pretzels on the table
olives and hummus too
life be weird, through and though
the things I mentioned, 
some how you already knew
guess I just like talking sometimes
to different people,
to people like you
can you tell I'm bored?
man I'm proper bored