Sunday, 28 April 2013


they sell all them legit brands
they sells ritz and polos
and jaffa cakes
and I think maybe even rakes
to rake up them leaves
in your back yard
Poundland's the one
they got a sick range of cards
I got one the other day,
for my sister Rae
I got three for a pound, 
yeah Poundland be sound!
that's uncle J sorted
and I got an assorted 
pack of biccies too
while I was there
man they were good, 
Poundland, they got everything 
everything you could possibly need
you know they even got seeds 
for them little garden birds to eat
i think, 
yeah I think I might have made that up
but Poundland, I swear 
they got everthing in there
they got flashwipes, cans of pepsi max
they got stacks and stacks
of pills, pain killers, vits and lax
pound land, 
yeah pound land be da one
no need to waste time 
calculating the sum 
of all your shopping 
one plus one plus one
-poundland be da one-