Sunday, 7 April 2013

a thing called closure II

there I was, sat on a bench 
outside the science museum 
head back, soaking up the golden light, 
tryna figure out the science to life
to this mixed up mind
-what da feck am I doing here?-

there I was, at the museum at night
consumed by darkness, real and erudite
connecting to dippy, 
wondering whether that trippy
dream was a premonition? 
a stifling repetition: of the past 
-what da feck am I doing here?-

there I was, watching the sunset
from the top of the darwin centre
wishing never to re-enter 
this place, wishing I could erase
it from my memory. 
-what da feck am I doing here?-

a long week 
longer than most 
expected closure:
it's over

-this is letting go-
-this is letting go-
-this is me 
letting you know-
you're never going to see me again