Thursday, 18 April 2013

waterloo scribbles

yeah, life- it begins after five
here i be sitting under the london eye
knees up, writing away 
in the post-storm sunshine
it hits me, those cosmic rays
the early evening glow 
bathes puddle reflections 
a cool spray of fountain breeze
wandering still, wondering still 
and smiling and whistling 
-it's uplifting- 
reciting wordsworth in my head
what a beautiful life he must've led:
oh waterloo!
if only you knew
how much I wanted to live this way before 
back when I was so bored
of it all.... I just hope you're making 
the most of this unearthly weather
what are the odds we'd be here together 
in Waterloo. Nil. We weren't 
but I've learnt 
to enjoy it alone, 
post-storm: that glittering gold! 
light on the tower, 
the sight never gets old
it just gets more ancient; more refined
it just grows ever- sublime