Tuesday, 16 April 2013

flashback tuesday

.....i watch.....
(in a daze)
the three small mice
and thier funny micy ways
on the platform of the station
-I watch as they elude patience-
scurrying scurrying scurrying
hurrying, hurrying, hurrying
to get to the place they need to be
-patience, little mice, patience-
...i watch (in a daze) i look to see...
everything, for everything be trippy
to this odd urban hippy
especially these
three tiny mice
so thrice, I breathed
and then and then and then
then a stranger, she came up to me
-from nowhere-
and she hugged me
and then and then and then
slowly I realised 
much to my surprise
 that it was her
yes it took some time, 
for it to register
-patience little mice-
names upon names
I sifted through my mind
until I did find
it, yes I remember! 
....we shared a room one September? 
or was it a December? 
or maybe is was a July?
-time, it doesn't lie-
in Switzerland was it? 
yes, I remember
flashback tuesday, the pieces 
they barely fit, if only I writ
it down, but wait I did
but wait 
I can't find that notebook  
and you know the archivist too
and you wrote an article about her 
in the newstatesman, yes the hard poet, 
I knew her well, 
a soul so true, a true freedom fighter
a voice of power, 
we'd chat for an hour, each time
we met in the prayer room
yes, small world and morad, you knew
her too? If only I knew
small world, 
flashback tuesday 
flashback tuesday
-where did the mice go?-
(into the dark tunnel)
-into  the abyss of uncertainty-
......i watch.......
then on my way home,
yeah on the tube
Francesca dude, 
I saw you, you were right there in front of me 
I said nothing, I just watched 
as you clasped the yellow bar
with both hands, muttering, I think
on our northern line train 
you looked so distracted 
so troubled: so maimed, 
inspecting your orange fingernails 
-dear, are you turning to rust?-
are you going off the rails 
again? I've spent too much time away 
and there are no words for me to say
so I remained silent
so I averted my gaze, so I looked some place
else, though i remember that time we spoke
about requiem for a dream, you lent me the dvd
when I was sixteen, or fifteen 
or maybe fourteen 
you were ghosting, when we met again 
by chance, in this same way,
on another train.
The questions remains
are you in the same place? am I?
back then, we'd both hit the back roads
now here you are a lady
now here I am a hobo 
I wonder do you still recognise me
probably not- who knows? 
I knew, you would get off at clapham south
when the train alighted. yes I knew, 
and you did, you ducked under a strangers
arm and gosh you reminded me of her
of my old best mate 
of your old best mate
of T,  she rubbed off on me 
maybe she rubbed off on you too. 
Ahh flashback tuesday 
flashback tuesday
flashback tuesday
Hmm I don't know what to say 
just another weird day 
in the life of sy
ah it could have gone awry
but it didn't, because I bagged her shopping 
and shared my biscuits
and watched the young ones, just laugh.
flashback tuesday
flashback tuesday
flashback tuesday
(three small mice)