Monday, 1 April 2013

don't forget the redbull

another one inspired by riggy

What would you like for lunch today, my love? 
riggy asked her homeless friend on the street
lunch? ah not today, I only pray that others may treat
me like you do, my darling, if only you knew
how much your smile is worth
for your pure smile
for a short while
consoles this restless heart, 
and this is enough for me.
-her eyes sparked as if to agree-
riggy spoke, listen friend 
there's no need to pretend, 
that there's nothing you want or need
just give me your list and I'll whisk 
to Sainsbury's and get you what you request
for you might not be offered anything for the rest
of the day. 
Okay, her friend replied, 
I'd like a cheese and onion pasty, hot please
and a donut with fresh cream, mmm and some tea
ah I would love some tea, 
for it's very chilly, out here on the streets
and a can of coke, a redbull too 
and if it's not too much trouble
I'd like a double chocolate chip cookie
riggy laughed
Okay, I'll be back in a bit, 
wait here, don't flit 
off to some other place. 
Her friend responded
thank you for your kindness, 
I would embrace you
but I haven't washed in days, 
and my clothes are matted and sticky
and it would be tricky
for you to explain, why you smell that way. 
-riggy hugged her anyway-
in everyday
-there is an opportunity-