Saturday, 13 April 2013

thing called hope

in time 
i hope palestine
will remind you 
of a thing called hope: 
through words you showed
me everything; the olive trees 
the arid valleys, lush green villages
Bethleham's cobbled quiet alleys;
stars so bright
against the night
sky, the gold dome 
and tears in the early morn
the weary complication 
of a dire situation
so many stories 
so many lessons 
to be learned
so much I yearned 
to be there with you, to see- 
though I live vicariously 
through you and though
every character 
I create, 
for every story that I make 
up in my head
see I've already led 
a million lives, 
I've already journeyed 
through a million different times
the beauty of imagination 
the joy of fascination
-the practise-
(you: the storyteller)
(me: the writer)
in time 
I hope palestine 
will remind you 
of a thing called hope
-beauty and love-