Saturday, 20 April 2013

let me just ask...

can I just ask
what the hell
are you doing here?!
when you could be
when you could be doing
just what is it
that makes you think 
that you're okay, to be where you are
no clever repertoire
not now;
let's just be straight.
let's just get to the bottom of this, 
what makes you think
what makes you think
what makes you think
that its enough?
-here and now-
look, I don't mean to be tough
with you dear,
but it makes me fear
for humankind, 
I mean, if someone like you can't find,
or at least understand 
the truth, 
that your human potential
your god-damn human potential is
then what hope 
is there for the rest of us?

yeah, I'm talking to you