Wednesday, 17 April 2013

urban wander #7

a bit of conversation 
in the afternoon 
outside the british museum 
under the sun
i'm finding it hard to type
ma brain is melting 
but let me keep telling
you about my urban wander
yeah maybe i'll apply for
that one way ticket
to mars- nah I'm already there
yeah blad, I'm already there
on mars, from where I am
I can see through da stars-
I can see right though them
and he works in a meat shop
that young lad with squiggly hair
but he said he could be there 
sun, sat, fri, thurs, wed, tues, mon
in that order
come then, come kill some time 
-are you interested in science-
-are you interested in the sublime?-
loud and creative you say
come then, come kill some time
you made it, you wrote it
-yeah I'm more than a bit confused-
so I wandered again
yeah I wandered 
-I w(A)ndered, bemused-
-I w(O)ndered, confused-
Aww bless, I wandered though
Covent Garden, the back ends of Holborn 
Leicester Square too, 
the streets were alive with old memories
of you (not you, just no-one)
the after 6pm crowds
appeared, this time I had company
yeah I had some beautiful company
-still livin' in some vague dream-
a smile here and there
(yes there be healing)