Friday, 12 April 2013

certain east african brothers

east african brothers
man, dey got swagger
all your pre-existing 
resist all your fallacious
da ones dey be feedin' you 
on da box,
see dese east african brothers
dey be in da mosque
prayin', while you be sayin'
shit about dem
-engineered falsity-
(d'you get me?) 
cos what I see, to be true
man, it ain't nothing new; 
dese east african brothers
dey pursue
something out of dis world
-something ancient-
-something learned-
dey posses a certain kindness
minus, da arrogance; dey possess
a certain humility and truth, 
yeah dey be true
dey be real, I never knew
much about dem before 
I never really saw
da way dey were, 
-absent pirates-
stiving and righteous
dat east african swagger
upright, frank, valor
seeking worth
dey ask no questions, 
dey gone' be dere
always ready to volunteer
I gotta say 
man, dese east african brothers
dere mothers,
sure raised dem right 
I'd like, yeah I'd like 
to know more about
dese east african brothers