Tuesday, 16 April 2013

urban wandering #5

hmm but then I saw something 
something quite new,
something candid
something almost true
a man, from Vietnam 
in awe, sheer awe
at the beauty of big ben
that's when 
it clicked! 
but then it un-clicked for a
tourist clicked 
the button on his camera
and in a flash it was gone
so I stared back 
once more
at the houses of parliament
like life, like london, like this poem
as I crossed the river
as I travelled back south
those familiar mountains
those estate blocks
appeared on the horizon
bounding! invisible, yet confounding
-the imperial war museum-
the roundabouts:  
dem hotel workers be havin a smoke
under a dark bridge
away from the river boats
away from the suits
I carried on wandering 
my feet did not touch the ground
though once or twice, I ground
to a halt and just stared up
at the sun and I wondered
nothing. I wandered nothingness. 
a few countless more steps. I ended up 
where? Hmm I don't care
neither do you
still this beauty: it's nothing new
-discolour your life, with madness-