Thursday, 11 April 2013

an option

the option appeared before me
-manage your inmate list-
I ran the risk 
of crying out laughter 
at the sheer ridiculousness of life
at the sadness of the option
the option that appeared before me
-manage your inmate list-
perhaps the option exists
for the lonely gangster 
for tribesmen behind bars
for lowly outlaws 
from that faraway planet of Mars
-manage your inmate list-
this life man, 
it does consist
of a whole lot of crazy-ass shit!
and man I hafta say 
a part of me is actually looking 
forward to judgment day 
when all this insanity
makes sense, when things fit,
when clarity is finally made clear 
yeah by then I fear, 
it'll be too late
-to dissipate-