Sunday, 7 April 2013

these random stints

these random stints
offer a glimpse
into an obscure past
a time gone away
put to task;
to relive life
through a poem
-a lonesome poem-
see back in the day
in between waylays
I cut down trees
made lunch for refugees.  
and once a week 
I unloaded the bird food deliveries
-my god they were heavy!-
I supervised the drugged
and lugged
around a wheelbarrow
spoke to a sparrow
at the wetlands
lent a hand 
at a peace-keepers lair, to be fair 
I did it to clear 
my mind of all clutter
-flutter- emerge from the gutter- flutter-
it brings a smile to my face
when I dwell on memories that lace
thier way into each and every day
all the random places that I've worked
all the beautiful people that I've met
all the strange corners that I've lurked
I'll never forget 
-all these odd jobs-
I trimmed weeds
planted wild-flower seeds
in housing estates in Hackney
appeared on a panel, at a press conference 
in a random country
-I bailed-
-it wasn't for me: that-
attended random meetings
with asian designers
the finer
side to working at Hamilton House
after that I drilled fences
with a boss so un-pretentious
I rode in a van 
with a man
-three days a week-
I rode in a land rover 
over and over
with different folks
from difference places
unpacked bags in oxfam 
sifted through random stuff like chipped vases
tried on biker jackets for fun
and suits and other strange attire
helped to build and sustain many a fire
I signed to the deaf
and sealed a million envelopes
showed a newbie the ropes;
polished beads in a sewing and crafts store
only hours in, it began to bore
so I played tag with the kids
taught them clay and colouring too
in kings avenue
and bonneville, after a bit
 I was through
with kids, so I skid
towards another thing
tried to sell stuff to people on the streets
quit that too, like the tea tasting;
no use in wasting 
time on aimless things
again with the kids, they appeared
everywhere, in the dino shop,
earth and extinct too
to be true
I loved them really
to be true
 I blew
my chances, a number of chances
in a number of places
but still traces
of each and every one of these places
exist in my mind;
they continue to shape and remind
me of where I've been. 
-i am nowhere-
-and it's now-
it's beautiful, how
adaptable we humans are.
-so close, yet so far-