Thursday, 18 April 2013

is wasn't edgware

end of the line
a promise we made that time 
post fireworks 
we saw it through-
we travelled the distance
we travelled all the way to
is that where
we ended?
no it was high barnet
I remember now 
it was high barnet
-what carnage!-
that fizzy weirdness
that antique shop
that winters day
we went astray, 
we walked the whole way
yeah we crossed that log
in the suburbs, over a stream
yeah it was in those empty fields 
we shared our empty dreams
and secrets too
what a strange day 
and at nightfall
we found ourselves 
back in tooting
Yeah tooting
watching CCTV footage 
in chicken licken
traipsing to the police station
man sixteen, that was a weird year
from then on, I been well-geared
for weirdness
what you up to these days? 
drop me a line,
maybe we can go back in time
and travel through that empty field
once more.