Sunday, 28 April 2013

not a poet

nah, i'm not poet
i never claimed to be
in fact i started writing poems
relatively recently
because well
there was so much 
i couldn't formulate 
there was so much
i just couldn't say
(out loud)
see somewhere along the line
I forgot how to talk 
how to say the things
that I most needed to say 
and man did it frustrate!
and with no journal to write in 
-and disconnected from the One-
I wrote down a string of words
and called it a poem,
and then I wrote another
and then I wrote another
until life, became a series
of them,
of poems,
 like fragments of old journal entries
lonesome, broken
real emotion
(seeps through)
but more succinct
still indistinct, still only ink-
on paper
back then
I stopped writing
to connect to reality
but now here I am
ironing out this made-up fallacy
words upon words upon words
for I haven't managed yet
to communicate
a single thing inside this mind
i still haven't managed to find 
a way to bridge the gap
between this and that
(experience and art)
the tangible and intangible