Sunday, 28 April 2013

wanta be

i wanta be a freedom fighter
and fight for our 
collective freedom
i wanta be an urban planner
and mend the broken streets 
of my asia
i wanta be a park ranger 
and wander for days and nights on end 
i wanta be a teacher 
and teach them how to bend 
their tiny minds, mind you.... 
they already know how to...
i wanta sing the blues, 
I wanta bellow out soulful tunes
i wanta be a travel photographer; 
and capture life from the dune
or from the bottom of a valley
i wanta rally,
up the animals of farthing woods
would you believe me....
would you believe me....
would you believe me....
i wanta build a hot air balloon
 maybe float away
I hafta say,
this isn't everything you are. 
you're so much more
than you believe yourself to be
me, I (still) just wanta be free...
i just wanta be an ascetic
and give up all wantings
(i think, it's hard to say for sure)
i wanta be nothing, i want to be nobody
yeah i think I wanta disappear, 
i think I wanta forget I was ever here
on planet earth
though my stay has been 
nothing short of miraculous...