Tuesday, 6 August 2013

two rivers in one day

two rivers in one day
six white butterflies
in the wind I watched them sway
from side to side 
up and down by the giant weed-trees 
beside the ugly coloured grafetti,
 over the plump blackberries
passing by the purple flowers
hovering over the bumble bees
the river brent, i went to vent
but instead nature healed
and if i weren't fasting I'd have peeled
the berries off and ate them 
instead I carried on, rambling
past a hundred beer cans
a thousand cigarette butts, 
bits of scrap metal, poo flies and a rat
a fat rat, 
allow that blad 
(so I returned to the brick and mortar shell)
(the corporate shiny hell)
and then some hours later
 we inspected the limestone at St Pauls
and crossed the silver bridge
and when we got there
the sun came out and it was beautiful 
so we sat on the stone, by the river beach 
watching the water and sometimes we'd speak
two rivers in one day
and now you've gone away
and now I don't know what to say
except I'ma miss you
-rivers, flow-