Thursday, 22 August 2013

end of earth

lying still on my side/ staring
at a patch
of transient gold
 etched on the wall 
I close my eyes and free fall
I free fall
I silently call
on You Lord
and the wall
and the gold
-become nothingness-

lying still on my side,
listening to Karen O
-another sick day-
and so
 I (Hideaway)
well they'll seat us in the sun
....when will I become
someone else?

perhaps its the aftermath of
the latest series of goodbyes
the latest series of cut ties
and I wonder

if I never go back 
would it be so bad
and I wonder
exacly what is it
that makes me feel so sad

maybe I could don a new disguise
start fresh again
start a new life
I'd like to start again
I missed the summer
I don't want to miss the autumn too
I'd like to walk to
-the end of earth-