Wednesday, 7 August 2013

keep in touch yeah, bruv

in five years time
where will we be
perhaps we'll find ourselves
building sandcastles at lido beach
kicking back in the outback 
hmm five years from now
maybe we'll still we be right here
yeah at some random station at night
still bare tight
wolfing down chicken wings
and chatting about all sorts of tings
like jokes, like life
like ma perfect husband, like your beautiful wife
perhaps we'll just be here
yeah, just dossing about
after prayers in the mosque
both still pretty lost,
both still wondering where we'll be 
in five years time,
ah just being here, man it's a pretty fine 
way to waste the days, 
and bruv, I have to say 
this morning I woke up and it was so grey
outside and I was feeling so lost
I was thinking I need to get out at any cost
I was thinking I need to leave this place
but then she took me in
she told me about kindness
(these screens blind us)
from each other
and we boarded so many buses
but walking through the summers park
all that was within me, turning my insides dark
kind of just evaporated
and I was me again
so we asked ten thousand strangers for change
and it changed something inside me
all this charity- man, I have to say 
I really don't want you to go 
and if you do man, I really want you to know
I've got your back, 
hahaha, it was pretty whack 
there, then, now
you talking to me in urdu 
and me talking to you in Somali
could we somehow end up chilling out in Bali
some volcanic island, ahh geology boy
you know you're an absolute joy
to be around
-you best keep in touch yeah-