Thursday, 8 August 2013

ramshackle plane

you'll need a plane to get there 
that remote village in Uzbekistan
you need to bring your own chair
they'll chain it up and everyone
will be happy and laughing
they'll share sweet delights
and there'll be chickens on the plane
it will be a flight
like no other
a big plane, a russian plane 
from the past, from the seventies 
and on it there will be creatures
and jars of ancient remedies
and vegetables and other random things
like strange eletronics and a santa doll that sings
and when the plane speeds up
the chairs will go back 
and you'll pray to not die
there's a plane that exists out there like this
no lie, no lie
and there's another too, in the far north
and the curtains in the room
they call an airport, brown like from the history books
and another place called Djibouti
-a plane- a world of its own
a man with a shield and an axe
it went flying, he was prone
to such outbursts
-funny world-/ ramshackle planes
(stranger than fiction)
stranger than strange