Tuesday, 6 August 2013

ramadan tent

da ramadan tent
bruv i musta spent
more time there
than I spent anywhere
dis ramadan
bruv dat feeling of calm
when da call to prayer
(I fink they call it da adhaan)
sounded, bruv it left
me more then confounded
i was wholly astounded 
by it all 
da coming together of different folk
no joke it was actually kind of beautiful, 
seeing them same volunteers daily
always so nice and so dutiful
yeah bruv, I was new to it all 
to dat kind of kindness, 
to dem kind of kind people 
-dey left me feelin, kinda peaceful-
yeah you know dey 
took it up and brought it down everyday
dat tent, it was kind of a blessed place to stay
to just be
not a bum, or some dumb 
homeless guy
rather I could just be me
yeah bruv dat tent
i swear it meant 
more to people like us 
than you could ever know 
and so and so and so
we wait yeah, till next year
when we got somewhere
to go again, to eat
to waste time 
and listen to dat sublime
call to prayer
dat adhaan
-yeah da sound of calm-