Saturday, 3 August 2013

everlasting/ ramadan

ramadan I missed you
I was missing throughout 
ramadan, I kind of just went about
my empty empty business
ramadan, you came and left
and you left me here, completely bereft
of any goodness, 
despite the charity, I acquired no clarity
ramadan you passed me by
and I did try, to feel something
I did, but I didn't, feel anything
ramadan, I had so much riding on you
I know it's my fault, I blew
thirty chances, I wasted time
-if I had a dime, for every wasted chance-
I'd be rich, ramadan, I didn't stitch 
up a single wound
I just wasted time
feeling sorry for myself 
seeking solace in my pain
so out of this world still
I have nothing left to gain
-fasting, everlasting- 
trials, that won't go away
-what now, what now, what now-