Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Silver Bird

I heard about this girl,
a proper G
a day in her life, man it would be
pretty hard, more than a little heavy
in her hometown of 
brighton, it weren't so bright then,
back in the day
but even back then
she'd managed to find a way 
to keep it interesting

-and well, rumour has it,
she's finally back!-

I heard she be tearing
through the hood, just yesterday
she had some kind of epiphany
and decided to come back
to live life a little differently

this is how she spent it
...that day...
early morning/ she met up with her old mate
Abu Rajal
dis safe guy from Senegal
they blazed up
and when she'd had enough
of his deep empty philosophical talk
she walked, yeah she walked

she went to shoot hoops with da boys
shocked when dey saw her
 they made such a noise
she couldn't hack it
the attention, the questions,
in less than
ten minutes
she escaped, she made
for da cottage and got some chicken wings
before going back to dat old block
she knocked and knocked and knocked
but no answer

so she left again, sat by da raging sea
there she waited and waited
-for a sign/ to be free-

when the sun had finally set
and the night had arrived
she headed up to Wah Kiki's
for one last dance/
it took just one stray glance,
and she was gone, she left again
and this time she went-

in the obscure night/ to get her old boat
she got in,
pressed her palm against her throat
 and started paddling
to the derelict pier
and when she got there
she climbed up the bars
and sat there at the top
 looking at them shining stars
after some time
she started spittin' bars
she spit da sickest lines
you ever heard

and so the galaxies opened up
and revealed their secrets to her and
she metamorphosed into
a silver bird

-you'll see the bird
circle the Brighton sky
no lie,
she be that beautiful bird
she didn't really die-