Sunday, 11 August 2013

perfect evening

magical evenings
kind of the ones I live for
spontaneous encounters, 
with the kind of folk I truly adore
and if I never saw
it, we wouldn't have made it
mate it, 
was so much more than beautiful
and of course, it makes sense
you're part of this soul- it's true
in a few shared hours,
my love for you grew
ten fold, because
you understand what it means

-to live-

to give
to lose it 

 the hourglass was turned over
and we never wasted a minute
(I never wasted a minute)
-all those encounters-
with all those souls
with planes to catch 
to Brooklyn, to Busan, to Berlin
sterling/ friendships, 
stirring/ emotions
that never go away

like that winter sunset, from above,
with the frizzy haired anarchist
-it's kind of a strange bliss- 
talking about all sorts of crazy stuff
all sorts of philosophy
epiphanies, that useless wasp
life, finding it, spirituality and
every beautiful crazy wonderful 
thing in the world

a spontaneous encounter
we met at st pauls 
and crossed the bridge 
and settled on the secret steps
by the shore
legs stretched, backs against the wall
looking at the water, 
trying to remember how to be whole

-and we were here, this very same place
 just a few days ago-
(changes, nothing stays the same/ the river it flows)
and finally it goes (into the sea/ and one day we'll see...)
-everything makes sense-

and so we shared
strawberries and monster munch
and skips and chewitts 
and we spoke about everything 
I ever wanted to speak about
I felt like I was talking to myself
you were me, you were me
I never wanted to part
and I wanted us to never leave
-there/ those secret steps-

the sunset by the shore
speaking and laughing and connecting
I adore
life, when it's like this
hours and hours
pass us by

here for a brief while, can it turn into eternity
for certainly, 
I'm so tired of sharing brief beautiful moments
with brief beautiful souls
-you're going back-

I'm right behind you, 
just give me a while still
to find it

the colours of the sky
pink and blue and yellow
-the breeze/ the buskers/ the music-
the man weight lifting with a big rock
while his dog 
watches on, 

the lights that came to life
and so we walked down
by the shore

we wandered in by the waves, the sky darkening
a million and one colours reflected
we sung like maniacs
who'd known each other since birth

every now and then I get a little bit lonely
and you're never coming round
~ every now and then ~
(let's start, again in Rome)

(impending departure, let it not be)

and in an other time
-why did we never spend time
in another time, when we had the time-
timing, timing, timing
it's always wrong
so let's just continue singing
this sad and beautiful song

and even though we just met 
after so many years
I don't want to say goodbye

girl, I told you my plan
I told you one month
to get it back, or risk losing out on eternity
you said I was speaking
everything that was inside you
God brought us to each other
He brought us here
when we were both losing touch
I swear
I needed you to tell 
me something
I needed to tell you something

-and so we shared-

artist friends
I love having artist friends
who inspire
who instil within me the desire
to look and look and look again

but now I don't want to say goodbye
first on the list
a deep sad sigh escapes my lips
still, I'm glad I never missed
-this opportunity-