Thursday, 22 August 2013

goofballs: that evening in Souf

our TV show
it would be more than funny
if only we had the money
to make it
we could take it
all the way
and man, I hadn't laughed like that
in a hundred thousand years
two guys
 two girls
all of us belonging 
to very separate worlds
yet we came together
and laughed like I hadn't 
in a hundred thousand years
and if every moment of this fleeting life
could be filled with this laughter
/after/ ------
all the sorrow and sadness
then wouldn't it be heaven
this short human existence
instead of being there
/a place of distance/
we could be here 
for in that grey grey place
I feel parts of me being erased
I feel space/ folding in on itself
instead can we not/ humankind- fam
just live in laughter