Sunday, 11 August 2013

a bit of sixteen

I was going through 
a 'range of strange pain'
and man it was proper insane
my journal at sixteen
I can't believe it was really me
who wrote it 
'my most prized possession forever'
I took it wherever
I went and stored in it
dreams, ideas, lyrics
cut outs and pictures and tickets
sixteen, man what a trippy dream
shovel man, pink hair, 
stolen rock on Brighton pier
J Littlewood, Greta Garbo
Ed Fargo, Edvard Munch
a whole bunch 
of other crazy stuff
like random korean drama's 
man karma's
a glitch, Carmen and I
we hit, the karaoke place
with those Japanese bleach heads
of doing normal
-yeah, folks always said we was 
more than a little abnormal-
cos we wanted to go lahore
remember T, 
you and I: and that cube of ice: 
methanol in glass/ missing science class
man, sixteen was kind of a blast
in parts, 
bruk up TV's
exploring bruk up parts of the city
walking walking walking
in da park after dark
-ten thousand pages in that journal- was a journey more external...
 -than internal-