Sunday, 18 August 2013

life in a bubble

to live life in a bubble 
to be unaware of all the trouble
that exists outside of it
-the world in which you (re)side-
the world of which you tried/
to renounce
nah I don't watch TV
yeah I admit to a degree
I like to remain disconnected
the reason why I come across
as so disaffected
is cos I am
it's not that I don't care
it's just I can't right now
and no, you won't be able to find me
cos I'm not on facebook
and nah, wrong again, I never look
inside the metro
because I already know
what's in it
and bro, I heard you're in Cairo
I heard you was on da BBC
but I don't watch that, you see
so I didn't know
-whatchya doin' in Cairo bro?-