Saturday, 24 August 2013

smiles, that heal

perhaps a fleeting depression
a heaviness that constricts
brought about by this
state of being; inert in pain
a pain that brings about
a fleeting depression
I wish it would lessen
the /hurt/
the thing I'm feeling
the thing that's stealing
the parts that make me; me
but it did, then
it did when
I saw all your
smiling faces
and when I saw you 
old soul from the past
-pure beauty, in a mask-
I was overcome
by love
love love love
it's a healing
love love love 
it's what I'm feeling
for each and everyone of you
(especially you old soul) and I
wish I could preserve it forever
take it out and wear it whenever
I feel /hurt/
-I have so much love for you-