Saturday, 27 July 2013

yellow peril/ ancient orient

It was all him 
him and his ancient chinese rage
it was all him, no
it's the regime that's really to blame
for oppressing, for suppressing
for creating 
chinky-eyed monsters
mere robots without feelings
layers of normalcy; are gradually peeling
off and revealing, who they really are
-yellow peril-
for it would never be us
who do something so ill, so foreign, by will, 
twisted chinky people, they're still 
stuck in their bad bad ways
-orientalism: that never dies-
for of course we are by far more wise
than the Chinese they say 
for what rational and sane human being 
would ever do that and in that callous way
to throw a child out of a pram 
he couldn't have been mad, no he was
just evil, the product of an evil 
kingdom, yellow peril they say
yellow peril, and their wayward ways
(orientalism that never dies)
multiplied/ lies upon lies upon lies
so frightened of their own demise
yellow peril/ yellow peril/ yellow peril