Tuesday, 23 July 2013

fading hours

That night 
yeah you're right 
it was more than surreal 
those golden fading hours
we spent staring at the sky 
I was dreading, so dreading
our impending goodbye
I remember a plane passed by
yeah a plane
and I was thinking
you'll be on that in a day
and I'll still be here, lying on the grass
looking up at you
that evening
staring at the sky
talking talking talking 
about God, about life
about everything
about the signs 
and the future, the future, the future
it was more than surreal
Shepherds Bush mosque
watching the clock 
the seconds tick tick tick
waiting till I could drink 
the holy water and the date
and you went and saved
me a seat and then I came after you 
and he came before me
the best thing that never happened
and he happened to be
pretty suave and I could see
what you saw in him then 
and it wasn't a goodbye
Shepherd Bush that night
it was more of a so long
I was left feeling as empty as a drum
with that final hug
with those so so familiar words
of meeting in the next world 
if either of us don't make it in this one
like the way we broke apart
srdf, what then-
man, it's been a hell of a journey
and I sort of don't want it to end
girl, what can I say,
that you don't already know
-see you again, yeah-
(not a goodbye)