Friday, 19 July 2013


all this time
I thought all this time
had been
more terrible than terrible
but when I find myself struggling
I find myself doing, just as much
the last six months have been harder 
than bricks, but in them I've 
on changing for the better
In the last half year
I've received and achieved
so much more, than I may have otherwise
propelled by purpose and pain
the train, of life chugs forth
and I always come to realise 
that I am so much more
than I give myself credit for 
and well, I still believe that hell 
can teach us the things heaven 
can't even understand
well, I know it all comes from above
if it didn't I'd still be in last year
wallowing in self-pity
remaining just as still 
or even stiller, in a city
I don't even know
-peceptions, ever-evolving-