Monday, 29 July 2013

deep and heavy -ish (comrades)

it's as hard for me 
as it is you
you offered me a seat
when I was almost through
with sitting
and standing and lying too
but I wanted to listen you, 
but you kind of went on 
and on and on
in a strange incoherent slew
yes and I caught bits of it
like when you said is a paradox 
I've tried everything to untangle 
these knots
in my mind..... 
like when you said 
....I feel like I'll be screwed over
for the things I didn't even do
how can I be judged, 
when I don't know if I'm even true
if I even exist....
-detachment, on a next level-
like when you said
......I prayed to not feel 
and then my prayers were answered
now I wish they went unheard
like the others.....
.....but could I take it back 
for I want to feel once more....
and so I replied
after quite some time
<girl, it's a slippery slope
I hope
you don't slip, cos if you did
that would be the end of it 
and we may be couped 
now, but we ain't a couple of chickens
our skin, it thickens, 
by the day
so just wait, just wait, just wait
I too am waiting.> 
(deep -ish)