Friday, 19 July 2013

Silver Lining

hanger lane
the silver lining
its you, sam
it's being in your ends
it's getting to hang out with you friend
after work,
 so nice, to hang in hanger lane,
yeah, to this day we both remain
-true sisters-
sharing rhymes, 
a true poet (you)
inspired me, to become someone new 
and in hanger lane, 
we find ourselves again
talking about old times
and new to come, 
travelling the world
we planned it in that greasy spoon cafe
one winters evening after maghrib
or was it after football
back with F, 
yeah three muskateers
yeah we had such few fears
back then 
and even back in Richmond
yeah sam, you and I 
we go way back 
and inshAllah 
we'll go way forward too
inshAllah our plans become true
of setting up our charities
of making life work 
of sticking to the path 
the path we both embarked
on all those years ago
Sam, let's stick to the plan
let's do dis ting!