Sunday, 21 July 2013

ramadan blues

ramadan blues
too much time to think
and so I think about you
I think about them serious charges,
in a past life, he barges 
right through
as I sit and think about you
same shit, yeah nothing new
and while he's living the dream in cairo
you're living the nightmare in philly
and while he's on the other side of the planet
he's in a field jamming to tunes at latitude
this collective attitude, of apathy
it's kind of killing me
inside, yeah ramadan blues
trying to get through
the days, these hot and empty days
Ya Allah, why are they so empty, 
see we got plenty woes, 
that just won't go
away and she's a million miles away 
yeah she's slipping
and I've got to be strong 
forever, for all 
when all I want really
is to give up, to go away, to find heaven
to find some peace, to be at ease
to be well, Ya Allah please tell
me how to live
-in all darkness-