Sunday, 21 July 2013

home, you get there

distorted time
sorted through a ryhme 
that configured a day
back then,
I figured I'd just say
what came to me,
and this is it-
the gold light 
on ealing common
we were both feeling
a little solemn
at the prospect
at the end of an era
nothing then
could be un-clearer
hmm distorted time
the night and day
no longer two separate entities
no, they become the same
sixteen hours away from home
sixteen hours in another zone
eighteen without food or water
to keep me going  
I remember the lamb to the slaughter
Abraham's son, no, the lamb
and I too, am,
it and I thought of the dead bird,
pieces of flesh and feather
that found each other and came together
came to life and flew towards you
speaking in it's own language,
yes to this day, I remember
the ark, and the split sea,
and the ark 
and i came to realise that we 
are so much tougher than we believe 
we just keep
going and somehow 
despite all odds 
we get home
(if home is where we're supposed to be)