Sunday, 28 July 2013

coastal hymns

that one autumns day 
I'll never forget it
the morning star outside my window
beamed, as I awoke to say my fajr prayers, 
there in that mash-up hostel
I was an apostle  
and at the crack to dawn 
I set out on my long sojourn, 
I made for the valley as the sun rose
higher and higher
the entire
world was still
save me, a dot moving across a great landscape
and I knew that fate, Qadar 
had brought me there
-after everything-
and as I crossed the hills 
on that quiet monday morning
while the whole of earth was ignoring
(everything) with only the sheep 
and horses for company
I knew the meaning of it 
and so I followed the river to the sea 
the cliffs were so wild and empty
and I climbed and I climbed 
I sung hymns on the way
and recited the Quran
Surat an Naba, I prayed
and the birds flit around me, 
listening, keeping me company
and as I finally reached the city 
miles and miles in
a heaviness pressed against my heart
the concrete jungle looked sort of grim
and so I sat by the beach and prayed again
rucksack at my feet 
and a cup of tea by my side to warm my bones
nah, I didn't ever want to go home
yeah I wanted to forever be alone
yeah, since that sacred day and before it too
I've made many a lone sojourn
but none have made me feel so true
as that river, that valley and that sea
to be/ -at peace, like no other-