Thursday, 18 July 2013

A bus driver named Roland

Jamaican bro, you know,
you got such swagger
such a shining personality
 and gradually, it shone through
yeah Roland, you are, by far
da safest bus driver I ever met
how we met
it's kind of funny,
you shut off da engine of da bus
one night, in da city of London
 and I got on board
and you said I can stay on, if I talk to you
and so I did, Roland we talked about life
-who knew-
yours, a bus driver since the age of 18
that's 14 years, cos now you be thirty two
you said you wish you never blew
your shot and became a drop out engineer
but life, it gets in the way
yeah we shared bare jokes
and you asked my opinion
on all sorts of things
and it was kind of funny
just you and I chatting on the darkened bus,
that night, it was kind of like
we were the only people left in the world
I told you about the juice bar in Trinidad
or Costa Rica and you said you liked the idea
and I said I swear,
you should just copy me
and actually make it real
Roland you told me then
you were feeling kind of blue that day
yeah it made you vex
when your girl said
-you da man, you pay-
there we were talking, on the 188
and then the bus moved forward
and the people at the stop moved to get on
but you didn't open the doors,
in the dark, we just kept on talking.
you said you see a lot of faces
all of them are dark,
you said they never said hello,
they just mutter or bark,
nah, they never say hello
but out of all the bus drivers, you gave it a go
hello/ hello/ hello
and so when the lights finally went on
and the people of the night boarded
I went upstairs, happy to have got the bus
and when I came down again, you said
I was the nicest person you ever met
I replied same here
and listen, don't get me wrong
I ain't naive yeah
I just know a special person when I meet one
and Roland, you was da sum
of special
and if we kept talking, I knew we would become
pretty good mates
you said
we'll catch up if you see me again
be good, be safe, no- I know you will 
you said, I don't know what to say
two strangers, about to part ways
a hesitance, a reluctant,
departure at elephant
when it came to saying goodbye
and man Roland, i know it too well
see its the people I meet
out on the streets 
its them who teach 
me everything i need to know
and roland bro
I already kind of miss you
-safe bus driver-