Sunday, 14 July 2013

next door gypsies

irish traveller man 
smokes a joint 
while irish traveller boy 
plays ball, in the tall 
yellow grass
and it kind of looks like
he's havin' a mighty blast
but on the other hand
irish traveller man
looks sort of troubled
as he smokes his joint
and stares at bits of rubble
on the yellow grass
side by side, together
tattoos cover arms
paint covers tattoos
and then, he whips out 
his blackberry
and gypsy boy
runs a hand through his 
raggedy mow-hawk
hmm and she told me about
him and his little brother
who got rammed by a bull
horns touched body
he's lived a life so full
travelled the world,
totes unschooled
nine years old yeah,
to be a gypsy, I swear
that be the life