Sunday, 7 July 2013

south ken

south ken
can't describe what I felt when
i moved through the dark subway
for the first time since that dark day
and I'd love to say 
that I've changed, but in all honesty
I haven't and for some reason
I still haven't let go of this place
for it was here, I came face to face
with my brokenness
-a stirring unrest (remains)-
and listen, I need to say 
what's in my head
so that I can finally move on
listen, I've never known 
what it means to belong
I've only ever known
what it means to be wrong
and out of the hundred thousand places I've been 
this is the only place I can't seem
to shake off, I know I've got a lot
to learn, you know one day,
 I'd like to turn
it all around; I'd like to be found
I'd like to stop running. I'd like to live on the ground
not in the air, not in outer space
not in this place, 
that exists outside of material reality
listen can't you see, I'm trying to work
through it still
 this place-
abruptly I entered/ abruptly I left
and since then I've tried to forget 
and remember everything
-the whole of life-
but listen, I don't know man, 
I guess it was the only place
that two strangers tried,
two 'supervisors,'
maybe they're the reason why 
I can't let go, 
I want to change, but I don't know
how. Yeah, I miss you guys.
(and all the people I haven't seen since December)
and all the friends who I still remember
and think about all the time
and I want to change
yeah I want to change
I don't wanta be estranged
from humankind no more.
shit, can't believe
she thinks I'm still in lahore