Sunday, 28 July 2013

faithless lady

she said I believe
but I don't have any faith
she said listen, what can I say
It's been too hard living
I been through too much shit
you know when I was young I lost a kid,
I lost my boy
and his death destroyed
our marriage, a miscarriage
of unearthly justice
and the fortune teller told me
he would be perfectly healthy
yeah he lied and I tried 
to understand it, but I couldn't
and what followed
left me as hollow
as a nut shell
the hell, of the divorce
I was divorced from my faith
yeah I had to be brave
I had to do it all on my own
and that's when I told her, you know
we human people 
we're so fickle 
with every new pickle
however bitter, however sour
slowly, some how
we lose touch with the greater power
with life itself
and it will pass and it doesn't mean
that you mean nothing
it's just well
-kind of hard to explain-