Tuesday, 23 July 2013

river pinn wander

that, post-work hike 
a wander, not quite 
urban, the river pinn
the celandine route
the hillingdon trail
for parts of it we stayed mute
watching that rare bird
flit across the the glittering water
bathing it's little birdy feet
gosh I thought I ought-a 
take a photo
draw a picture
for it was such a picture
-beautiful, every inch of it- 
but I had no camera, no pencil, no phone
but none of that mattered
and I didn't want to go home
-so we dallied-/ -so we dallied-
by the ragweed, we carried, 
ourselves through it, the gold, 
I sort of, kind of, wished I could hold
onto that fleeting evening gold
the bees bathed in it, the ethereal beams
recycled it seems,  
and so we sat by the edge of the bank 
talking, she and I 
in life I've learnt how to get by 
by being versatile, by being free
no plans, we 
just set off
through the village 
by the river pinn
butterflies all around
wild, empty, so far from prim
the creek, tales of running 
of trying to seek 
out some kind of something
and the wildflowers
and the horses
and that donkey with flies
around its eyes, 
he blinks so sweet
oh and the reeds, the grasses, 
kind of takes me back 
to walthamstow marshes
watching the sky change
the sky, if only I could stare at it
as much as I stare at that office screen
sometimes I just want to scream
'this isn't me! 
this isn't where I'm supposed to be!'
get out of the office 
Sy, cut your losses and lose yourself 
in the beauty of the real
by the colours of the sky
nature heals, 
and she understands why
so we kind of walked for miles 
yeah we walked
two half-strangers and we talked
one comes, one leaves, one comes, one leaves
the open spaces/ the falling leaves
the running water 
what it means to be free
and I remember that song
about that sad man who has born by the river
in that little old tent 
and just like that river 
he be running ever since
oh the sunset sky/ and the never-ending horizon 
-prize them/ both-
for the world doesn't get old, or dull 
we do, this much I know is true
and the glittering gold 
on the hottest day of the year
after a bus and a farewell
I somehow ended up here, in Uxbridge 
-to embark now, on the long journey south-