Tuesday, 2 July 2013

sleeping beauty on the train

he watched her 
as she rested her head 
against the glass
eyes closed
on the central line train
keyed up and nervous
he could hardly contain 
himself, were his eyes deceiving
was he still breathing
was she really there, in front of him
after all these years, a glorious mirage
here she was sleeping beauty
sleeping truly on the tube,
sleeping like she used to
a thousand years ago
and here he was, sat opposite, just staring
the world around him was fast disappearing
time, it stood still and in silence he willed 
her to open her eyes and
every time they flickered
his heart leapt 
up, sleeping beauty, he whispered
in his mind, open your eyes
open your eyes, open your eyes
his whispers grew louder
and more desperate
open your eyes
open your eyes, open your eyes
-a hundred thousand tries-
open your eyes

open your eyes

open your eyes
then all of a sudden the train alighted
-he leapt up-
I must fight it
forever happened 
and it can't be undone
and if you can't open your eyes
it means I've become 
wholly irrelevant

-and just like that he departed-