Saturday, 11 May 2013


creeping through veins 
pressing against this skull
making increasingly hard
for her to mull
it over, for over and over
it over(comes) it overtakes 
it makes 
living near impossible, 
ripped hands
torn all the way through 
feet on fire, teeth clenching wire
electrocuted jaw
this soul, it isn't for 
who let you in? 
who opened the door? 
no, it's not okay
for you to be there
from the corner of this minds eye
I can feel you stare
and I swear 
you got me 
running on empty 
you're running 
me into the ground
for now, through some kindness
I've found 
a way to share this soul 
though your tearing it apart
you're tearing holes
in every inch 
(to be without)
I've forgotten how to be