Friday, 3 May 2013

our tooting childhood

-our tooting childhood-
yo-yos, pogs
pokemon cards
poking at frogs
watered down
robinsons dilute
orange juice
building model rafts 
arts and crafts
collecting ladybirds in a jar
memory lane
collecting snails in the rain
peeling them off
one by one by one
those snails in the rain
making daisy chains
in the field, under the blue sky
with friends, 
ahhh to be that age again
the age when
collecting bugs in a jar
made you so happy 
and so did most other things
clouds and cartoons
coloured sugar straws
and water balloons
good time aqua fights, 
in the summer
and sparklers 
on cold autumn nights 
-the smell of fire remains-
and the wonder and the awe
of those bright Christmas lights 
that would pour their magical shine
all around the streets: certain sublime
a string of colourful cards, 
from everyone in your year
friendship bracelets too 
-our tooting childhood-
-that beautiful year: wish I was there-