Sunday, 5 May 2013

no more poems please

no more poems please
please leave them out
leave out those words 
those squiggly letters 
return instead to the state
of the unlettered
for it's far better,
 to be- 
unfettered and free;
like the human beings
of olde, 
for they would roam 
this earth; from birth, 
all the way through to death 
from the very first to the very last breathe
they would breathe, 
yes breathe, not write
they would not scribe 
and cement their troubles and thoughts
they never saught
meaning in tiny etched shapes
for I think perhaps, they had 
no words, 
no words to write out sorrows
no verbs to carve out
a string of tomorrows
-the future-
for them I think perhaps, 
was less than vague (un-fake)
to be un-plagued, 
by the quiet sadness 
that would follow
ghost words
ghost sadness, 
sad gladness
most fractious
re-living, re-writing
re-lighting old fires
adding fuel
to burning tyres, 
fuel for thought:
lead in a pencil
spraying paint
onto that same old stencil 
words upon words upon words
graffiti walls surround all