Wednesday, 22 May 2013

them psycho moslems

you know that right?
that they already planned
to brand 
us all psychotic 
no way now to block it 
the damage to come
-trouble well stirred- 
like they've done 
throughout time 
to watch reruns of history
to live in it
man, aren't you guys tired
of this same old shit
don't know why, we ever expect
things to change
there's no peace in this world
and the fault is all of ours
now lets count down the hours
before the rioters riot
before the haters hate
before the attackers attack
and I got an idea
 why don't you
take the blame
for you claim
to know everything
-reporting/ framing-
the bias
in such a short time
you undo all we work for
-the real truth seekers/
the real freedom fighters-
but you'll never incite us
to do the same
we ain't playin' your game
we ain't playin